10 participants per class


6am Full Body Blast

915am Tabata

530pm Outdoor Fitness Challenge


6am Tabata

530pm Full Body Blast


6am Cycle

915am Full Body Blast

530pm Full Body Blast


6am Cardio Blast


730am Tabata

Class Descriptions

Cardio Blast (CB)

This class offers a high intensity interval workout with pumping music to keep you motivated. 40 minutes of interval training using cardio equipment, athletic exercises, and body strength. This class will increase your fitness and burn those calories. Designed to suit clients of all ages and fitness levels.


A high intensity interval based cycling program choreographed to powerful and motivational music.

Full Body Blast (FBB)

This class delivers a complete full body strength workout using the effective interval training method. Each session uses a range of fitness equipment such as free weights, Bosu and body weight exercises. Suits any fitness level and age groups. A great way to tone up, lean down and blast those calories.


Tabata training is a type of High Intensity Interval Training and includes performing an exercise eight times at an ALL OUT effort for 20 seconds. The rest period between each effort is 10 seconds. There are 8 rounds in a workout.